Hubbard crew members served with pride in World War II,
Korea, Vietnam and the Cold War Era





USS Harry E. Hubbard (DD-748) received eight battle stars for World War II and Korea
and six battle stars and the Navy Unit Commendation for operations off Vietnam





Thanks to Alvin Eisenbraun for this photo, circa 1965.




Thanks to Robert H. Parker, then serving aboard USS Kitty Hawk, who recently sent these three photos of Hubbard for use on our web site.  The photos were taken in the Tonkin Gulf, March or early April 1966 with Task Force 77.5





"Back in the mid 60's I was on USS Kitty Hawk and took a bunch of 35mm half-frame slides. All these years later, I finally got around to having them scanned into digital format. I believe the attached photos are of the Hubbard; tough to read the bow number but I think it's 748. The pics were taken in spring of 1966 during a photo-op gathering in the Gulf of Tonkin of all of Task Force 77 - 4 or 5 carrier battle groups and all of their support ships. I though these shots were interesting because

Hubbard looked like she couldn’t make up her mind on whether to fly or submerge."


Bob (Robert H.) Parker

Commanding Officers


July 22, 1944 - January 11, 1945 CDR Leonard W. Bailey
January 11, 1945 - January 15, 1946 CDR Arthur M. Purdy
January 15, 1946 - January 15, 1947 CDR David S. Brown

May 14, 1949 - September 1949 CDR Robert H Wanless

Gap between decommissioning and recommissioning

October 27, 1950 - December 6, 1952 CDR Burris D. Wood, Jr.
December 6, 1952 - December 16, 1954 CDR Carl R. Bower
December 16, 1954 - October 10, 1956 CDR Edward D. Sullivan
October 10, 1956 - December 13, 1958 CDR Calvert B. Gill
December 13, 1958 - April 2, 1960 CDR Gerald F. Carney
April 2, 1960 - April 5, 1962 CAPT Robert F. Reilly

 Note:  Was promoted from CDR to CAPT while serving as CO
April 5, 1962 - November 9, 1963 CDR John P. Pabarcus
November 9, 1963 - July 26, 1965 CDR L. Grant Hinchcliff
July 26, 1965 - October 13, 1967 CDR Phillip R. Bush
October 13, 1967 - May 14, 1969 CDR Roy E. McCoy
May 14, 1969 - decommissioning CDR Frederick S. Adair 

Executive Officers

(there are several gaps and dates that are less definite than for the CO List)

LCDR Irving D. Dewey 1944-45
LCDR Russ Stahl 1945-46
LCDR Harry A. Burns 1950-52
LCDR Sprague 1952-53

LCDR John Golumbeske May 1953 to 1954

LCDR Harry Johnston 1954-56
LCDR Harley Gaylord LeLand 1956-58
LCDR Luke O. Conerly Jr 1958-1960
LCDR John G. Carpenter 1960-1960
LCDR Theodore R. Johnson, Jr.  1960-62
Edward S. Briggs 1962-64
LCDR Charles S. Christensen
LCDR Edward A. Hamilton
LCDR John P. Cryer 1965-67
LCDR Roger Firey 1967-69
LCDR Ralph Kemper 1969


Note: Ranks are those carried when on board and do not reflect any later promotions.  


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